Meet Jen Brooks : The Busy Body behind The Busy Bodies Workshop!

Where it all began… It all began in a faraway land called Pietermaritzburg, when Jen Brooks whizzed through childhood and graduated with a BSc in Environmental Management and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. An exceptionally strong start for what was to follow! She got married to Stuart in 2004, moved to sunny Durban and taught Grade six and seven until 2007. She’s since enjoyed ten years raising three gorgeous children, Debbie, Jono and Catherine.

Jen Brooks

How the seed was planted…

They say every great business begins with a business owner identifying a personal need and this certainly applies for The Busy Bodies Workshop. You see, Jen decided to keep her kids at home until Grade R, yet despite being a devoted and dedicated mom, she found that her eldest daughter, Debbie, struggled when she started school. And so began the journey to learn and now share, where she had gone wrong… a journey that started with hardship and heartache and resulted in a great big learning curve and The Busy Bodies Workshop we know and love today!

Oh how it has bloomed…

It started small back in 2016 when Jen invited a handful of friends and their kids to her home to take part in a program she’d researched and developed, to prepare little bodies and minds for school. Today, The Busy Bodies Workshop holds various sessions throughout the week, for kids aged two to seven. They remain at her home, a family-friendly, familiar space, where Jen is passionate about supporting parents and teachers in making their children confident, happy and ready for the classroom.

Jen, the inside story…

Jen is friendly, approachable, down to earth and fun! She has a contagious enthusiasm and teaches every class as if it were her first. She has an enviable way of connecting with children, of understanding their needs and communicating with them in a way that instructs whilst building independence, supports whilst building confidence. Jen’s endless energy enables her to create extraordinary fun and learning opportunities from often simple activities, yet her classes are exceptionally well-researched and planned, changing throughout the term as her little people learn and grow.

And Busy Bodies was Born

They came. They stayed.

They brought their friends and the rest -as they say- is history.