Welcome to The Busy Bodies Workshop

So What is this all About?

What is it all About?

An exciting initiative that aims to prepare preschoolers physically and mentally for life and learning and provide support for parents and teachers of 2 to 7 years.

Why Does Your Child Need It?

Due to increased availability of technology and security concerns this generation of children is growing up very differently to our and previous generations. Children just don’t move as much as we did.

The Gap

The result – many 5, 6 and 7 year olds are arriving in the classroom environment without the necessary strength, skills and abilities to learn and thrive.  Because it didn’t affect us as parents and educators there is a gap in our knowledge of how to help.

The Long Story

Only 1 in 12 preschool children is as strong as the average child born in 1981. That’s a frightening statistic! That means if you’re a parent that’s probably your kid. Our children live more sedentary lives than we did, with more technology available and more constraints on their freedom due to the increase in crime. There is no cycling to a friend’s house or going up to the corner store to buy milk for Mom. The suburbs are quiet. Nobody is playing OUTSIDE.

The Short Story





The Result

Many, many children

get to the classroom

physically unable to do

what the classroom requires of them.

The Small Problem

Children need to be physically (and  mentally) ready for school.

The Big Problem

Most parents (and teachers) don’t know what they need to know or how to do it.

The Solution

The Busy Bodies Workshop aims to take the MYSTERY OUT of SCHOOL READINESS.  We educate and support Parents, Teachers and Caregivers of Preschoolers to help them build strong, able preschoolers who will become happy, confident learners.